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16 August 2013

Summer is waning...


I hope that you've enjoyed your summer holidays like we have.  It's not that we've had extravagant plans, we just did the regular kind of stuff.

25 June 2011

Red, White and Blue

Independence Day Celebrations are coming up.  I have been insanely busy this week, and can't disclose too much at this point.  Not wanting to drop completely off the map, I thought I'd show my latest version for the banner wreath and seasonal pillow:

07 October 2010

Preserving corn...yum.

Just before we moved, we harvested what was left in our garden.  We had baskets full of corn, more than we could eat at dinner.

Corn is fairly easy to preserve.  Get a pot of water boiling while you pick.  Shuck the corn and remove all the silk you can.  Then add the corn to the boiling water, and leave in for only four minutes. 

My lens got steamed up a bit.

Quickly remove the corn and place in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process.

Once cool, carefully cut the kernels from the cob, being careful to only remove the top 2/3 of the kernel.

Place in freezer bags.  Fill the bags about half-full.  Remove all the air you can, and seal.  Label your bags, and then place in your freezer until you're ready to use it.  I love my flexible cutting board, it also works as a funnel of sorts. 

I'm so glad we had some small part of our garden to bring with us.

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18 June 2010

You never know what you'll see in Idaho

The kids and I were busy playing in the house the other day, and this is what we saw coming down our road:
I have no idea what the wagons are for, or why we had an impromptu parade down our country road, but it was fun to watch.

14 June 2010

Creativity around the yard

This is the new view from our bedroom window.  You see that little fence next to Mr. Pickup's masterpiece of a shed?  That's what I'm talking about!

We've had the summer of outdoor improvement at the Pickup household...although the weather doesn't think it is summer yet.  What with a dog and toddler, our newly planted garden was getting trampled.  Big problem!  Solution:  build a fence.  We had a bunch of old fencing material from a job Mr. Pickup had to do last fall, so there was minimum investment.  It just took a lot of digging, playing with the chop saw, and my hitachi drill.

See all those posts?  They were dug out by hand...the majority by myself.  We had to cut down 8 foot slats to get the four footers you see.  All of them are reclaimed.  The only new wood are some of the cross pieces.  We even recycled screws...although I would not recommend it.  They were SO difficult to get in.  When we switched to new ones there was such a difference. 

This is what we got accomplished a week ago...

Now we have it completed!

It's not the prettiest thing in the world...but it is functional, and that's what we needed.  Those mountains you see in the far background across the Snake River Plain are the Sawtooths.  On a clear day you can see them...especially since they are still covered with snow!

We've also been making DIY curbing.  Mr. Pickup came up with a way to make our own forms.  I can now add concrete finishing to my list of many talents.  Don't look too close.

With happy news to report, the strawberries are in bloom.  We weren't sure when we planted scrawny bareroot stock that we'd even get green leaves...or survive a couple late frosts. We won't have a big crop this year, but anything would be great. 

I'm excited that the garden is almost all up, except for the carrots and onions.  Now we need to plant the second crop of veggies.  There is always something to do.  Thanks to the responsibility checklists, the kids are a little more motivated to grab the hoe and get to work in the mornings.

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28 May 2010

Country living...around the yard

Between rain showers this week, I wanted to document some of the amazing things happening around our yard.
The trees are finally leafing out...although this chokecherry will still turn a lovely purple later this summer.  I love the contrast with those dark clouds to the Northeast. 
Spring has been wet and cold, and so flowers are just starting to bloom although it is almost June.  This plant that the giant bumblebee loves is called catmint.  This plant is almost like a weed.  Catmint grows almost anywhere and produces amazing amounts of lovely purple flowers.  I whacked these down to the ground last fall, and split them, and you can see how big the plant is already.  If you rub the leaves, you'll get a lovely minty smell (hence the name, I suppose).  Bonus, it is also very drought tolerant (not that we're worried about that right now!)
I had to share this one...bumblebee amid flight!  I'm not sure how I caught this one with my slowpoke camera.  Happy chance.
Close up of catmint blooms.
My snow is summer is just starting to bloom, also.  In a week or two, the whole plant will be covered with these little white gems.
The "piece de resistance"...a killdeer nest made conveniently on the edge of our driveway.  It's hidden so well, we had to flag its location to remember not to drive on it.  Last year the killdeer also laid a nest in our yard, which was ruined by some hungry predator.  We're hoping for a better outcome this year. 

I'm so grateful for the beauty of the earth and that my family and I can enjoy it.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour around our little acre in Southern Idaho.  
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